Competitive Strategy

  • What actions are your rivals undertaking that erode your market share?

  • What are your competitors' full and true capabilities?

  • What are their likely next moves? And, what are your planned responses?

  • What sales and marketing tactics are your rivals bringing into play?
  • How are you deploying critical sales tactics to counter your rivals' execution?

  • What are your rivals' assets and abilities both near and long term?

Direct and indirect competition is the most obvious adversity your company faces. Our business is to understand and decipher your competitors' strategic intentions and industry factors that are critical to executing a superior strategic plan. Our work will gain you a deeper understanding of your competitors so you can anticipate their moves, exploit their weaknesses, and undermine their strengths.

Knowing your competitors takes more than a cursory review of their external features or an ad hoc study. Acquiring strategic insights and understanding your rivals demands an organized intelligence gathering effort. As dedicated professionals our work can get the strategic intelligence your business demands. The results are increased profitability and reduced costs.

Using Competitive Strategy Intelligence to expose rivals' vulnerabilities can only strengthen your planned moves and countermeasures so that your firm can consistently outwit, outmaneuver, and outperform the competition.

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